K-12 Website Portals: Instantly Connecting District Audiences to Any Resource without Burdening Staff or Stretching Budget

OneCampus for K-12 changed the way that the IT department operates at Windsor Southeast. Learn from their CIO, Larry Dougher, about why he decided that outsourcing his district portal has made sense. Implementing OneCampus K-12:

  • Improved parent, staff, and student user experience  
  • Eliminated the need for heavy, expensive, locally managed software
  • Added scalability in terms of users, "tasks", and customized messaging 

Look for yourself, access the on-demand webinar by completing the form on this page to hear from Larry Dougher and how implementing a campus portal changed how the IT department operates at Windsor Southeast!

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Create an engaging online experience using dynamic content for each user to access.

OneCampus is a cloud-based, search-first portal that connects students, families, and staff with relevant content, resources, applications, services, alerts, and notifications on any device.