Features Overview

Decades of experience and partnerships with the higher education community come together with OneCampus: built with smart features to increase discovery without forcing IT to manually manage every aspect of the portal experience.

  • Easy Administration
  • Easy to Set Up. Easier to Use. 

    OneCampus sits on top of existing systems, directing users to disparate services through a centralized point without affecting the underlying business units or processes. As a result, ongoing updates are fast and easy, without down-time. The responsibility of maintenance can be shared by all functional areas (e.g., Financial Aid can be managed by the school’s finance department!), relieving bottlenecks, and the daily burden on technology staff.

    • Implementation on your schedule in as little as 6 weeks.
    • Typically managed by less than 1 FTE, and no special expertise required.
    • Rapid adoption by students, staff, and publishers.
  • Mobile Design
  • A Mobile-First Design

    OneCampus was built from the ground up with mobile device layouts and interfaces. Empower students, faculty, and staff to find whatever they need, at the moment they need it, on any device with responsive, mobile design. (Need an app? We have that, too.) 

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  • Connectors/Integrations
  • Integrate Your Tech Stack

    OneCampus leverages an open, RESTful API to make it easy to interface with the tools used on campus. Integrations help keep your campus connected, including: 

    • SIS (Banner, Regroup, etc.)
    • LMS (D2L, Canvas, and BB)
    • Google Analytics

    Don't see what you need?

    Ask us about custom development and integrations! The OneCampus team actively works to improve the portal's capabilities to meet the needs of higher-ed facilities across the country. 

  • Analytics
  • Data-Informed Improvements

    Use data from OneCampus, including popular search terms, frequency of traffic to campus services, how often users search for specific resources (and when), and other useful statistics to improve navigation and the end-user experience for any, and every user cohort. 

    Go beyond data:

    • Configurable custom reporting
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Feedback collection tools
    • Alerts and updates
    • User interaction tracking
  • Messages + Notifications
  • Well-Timed Information is Powerful

    OneCampus provides a centralized location for important, time-sensitive alerts and announcements. Timely, personalized notifications can be pushed to individuals, a targeted segment, or the whole campus. Create and send notifications to students, faculty, and staff to ensure that everyone who needs to know, does know. 

    • Send notifications to specific audiences
    • Push emergency notifications through text, email, banner, or app alerts
    • Share important campus updates
    • Schedule messages and tasks ahead of time
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  • Roles
  • Segment Users and Simplify Access 

    Create custom roles to deliver dynamic, custom content. Keep it as simple as students, faculty, and staff, or build out hyper-segmented audiences including "evening-staff", "retired employees", "targeted support", or more.

    Roles help ensure each user has a unique experience:

    • Simplify campus portal management
    • Share the right information and resources with the right recipients 
    • Prevent information overload


  • Lifecycle Management
  • Manage Your Audience and Lifecycles

    Optimize lifecycle management by personalizing resources, notifications, and more based on custom-defined groups:

    • Dynamic personalized content delivery
    • Custom-defined segmentation and grouping
    • Simple task publication from any department on campus
    • AI that delivers popular items by timing, role, and more
    • Advanced analytics to drill down into resources, behavior, and reviews
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  • Data Validation
  • Simplify Compliance and Validation

    Leverage a centralized, digital verification system that makes users verify outstanding information before continuing an authenticated task.  

    OneCampus makes it easy for administrators to comply with strict state and federal guidelines for data collection (frequency and accuracy) and data safety. 

    • Emergency notification settings verification
    • Citizenship status verification
    • Home address verification
    • Immunization record verification
    • Health and wellness protocol verification
    • Other verification needs across campus
    Dr Chamerlin CampusConfirm
  • Built-In SEO
  • Increase Your SEO Rankings

    Built-in SEO with automatic crafting and submission of SEO packages based on natural language descriptions helps resources return in the top row Google or Bing searches.

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  • Experience + Expertise
  • Experience, Expertise, and Excellence

    The OneCampus app was created by members of the higher-ed community and is led by a former university CIO and Education Technology Entrepreneur with decades of experience in creating programs that have stood the test of time. That means we are successful, durable, and seasoned. Most importantly, it means we deliver greater value than the others. 

    OneCampus is relied on by:

    • Some of the nation's most respected learning institutions from coast to coast (and Hawaii).
    • Institutions in the Big Ten, the Big East, the SEC, and the ACC.
    • Public and private colleges.
    • Large, small, and in-between sized universities, colleges, and community colleges.

    Ahead of Its Class at Notre Dame

    When Notre Dame was shopping for a better campus portal solution to replace their outdated legacy system, they took a long look at three different options.

    After a review by Notre Dame's Office of Information Technologies, Registrar’s Office, Student Enrollment, Human Resources, Finance, and First Year of Studies, they chose to use OneCampus, and the response after implementation was overwhelmingly positive. 


    OneCampus has been easy for us to manage and maintain. Students, faculty and staff are always able to access what they need."

    Scott Kirner

    Manager of Application Services, University of Notre Dame