Simple Administration

Built by members of the Higher Ed community to solve the costs and burden of dated portal technology, OneCampus is elegantly simple, easy to manage, and ready to launch in as little as 6 weeks.

Rapid Implementation

You will never be left waiting on us. Your OneCampus portal is ready for launch in as little as six weeks. A dedicated account manager works with your team through a simple, straight-forward set up on your timeline.  After implementation, OneCampus can be managed with a fractional FTE.

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Connect to Apps and Information with Ease

OneCampus' open API and a wide variety of integrations allow you to create a truly custom experience for your visitors.

Our portal is an Open API solution that is vendor-agnostic—with support for common standards:

  • Federated SSO
  • InCommon native
  • Common Alert Protocols
  • RSS feeds
  • RESTful push/pull API

Flexible User Administration

Organize users by group and type, make sure they have access to the resources they need, and easily update permissions by role.

Create custom roles to deliver dynamic, custom content. Keep it as simple as students, faculty, and staff, or build out hyper-segmented audiences including "evening-staff", "retired employees", "targeted support", or more.

Roles help ensure each user has a unique experience:

  • Simplify campus portal management
  • Share the right information and resources with the right recipients 
  • Prevent information overload

Simple Branding Administration

Take complete control of your campus portal's branding with custom site design, style sheets, and a white-labeled interface. Grant access to marketing and communications for upkeep and maintenance. Ensure continuity of design for every interaction with your Institution, for every student lifecycle stage. 


Push Alerts and Announcements

Schedule date-based announcements, banners, and tasks for any segmented population for events big and small or send urgent alerts in just a few clicks:

  • Weather alerts
  • IT downtime
  • Upcoming sporting events
  • Graduation
  • Critical events or emergencies 
  • And more

Schedule Future Alerts

Anticipate recurring events and schedule messages, alerts, and banners in advance for key events like financial aid deadlines, early registration, freshman welcome, winter break, and graduation to minimize last-minute updates.

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Foster Continuous Improvement

User data and application analytics inform refinements for your campus portal with OneCampus.

 Tie your Google Analytics account into your OneCampus tenant for the complete picture including SEO.