Active and Passive Notifications

Advanced AI and custom segmentation capabilities deliver notifications to your audiences in an instant - or before they even know they need it. 

Manage Passive Notifications

Leverage AI to 'float' resources to audiences based on similar roles, searches, or behaviors. Schedule banners and task groups for specific cohorts, particular times of the year, and more to manage day-to-day requirements months in advance. 

Send Active Notifications

Rapidly share critical information with students, staff, and faculty with active announcements or alerts, and push notifications.


Important Alerts

Allow approved administrators, in any department, to share urgent messages quickly with distributed publishing. Alerts can be displayed as banners, pop-up (full-screen takeover), messages, or any combination thereof.

Common Alert Protocol (CAP)

Already using RAVE or ReGROUP? OneCampus pulls alerts and notifications from their service into your portal and displays emergency alerts too. 

Mobile Device OneCampusALERT

Targeted Notifications

OneCampus and your existing notification system can work together to share messages securely via an inbox-style dropdown feature.


Data specific to end users can be pushed through RSS, secure JSON feeds, or through a RESTful API.

Scheduled Notifications

Information That Reaches The Target

Share information with targeted segments or the entire campus, quickly and securely. Use multiple messaging formats to reach your audience and increase the reception of your messages. No alert is too big, or too small 

  • Advising students of schedule changes and school closures
  • Sharing emergency updates and alerts of events on campus
  • Alerting users to changes to their campus software stack