Audiences and Roles

Define custom segments to deliver dynamic, personalized content that is unique to each visitor.

The Right Resources at the Right Time

Custom role definitions deliver resources tailored for student lifecycle, major, on-campus housing situation, or other criteria that you define.  

  • Prospects
  • Augment Recruitment Efforts

    Connect prospective students and their parents with the appropriate resources and staff by sharing a custom URL that prioritizes the most relevant tasks, resources and information. 

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  • Students
  • Help Students Achieve

    Simplify access to the tools, services, and resources students need to be successful whether they're learning on campus or online. 

    • Target messages, alerts, resources, and tasks by a students' major, extracurricular group, academic year, or any other attribute
    • Access student services with an intuitive search so the people who most need them find them with ease
    • Enable AI that displays popular content based on similar user's behavior
  • Alumni
  • Facilitate Alumni Involvement

    Show your campus colors and pride for Alums who access OneCampus. Share resources for involvement including mentorships, donations for campus improvements or scholarships, and more. Successful alumni are a part of your higher-ed institution's past and future when given an active role after graduation. 

    • Organize alumni engagement with targeted tasks and notifications.
    • Collect feedback from alumni about resources and services.
    • Drive future engagement by connecting current students with mentors and career opportunities.
    • Foster lasting alumni relationships by keeping them connected.
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  • Faculty/Staff
  • Keep Faculty & Staff in the Loop

    From campus-specific activity updates to emergency notices, to regulatory changes, it's important to ensure that all of your faculty and staff have the information they need.

    Custom roles allow authorized publishers to deliver personalized content to detailed staff segments such as new employees, evening employees, or even retired employees.

    • Class rosters
    • Canvas links
    • Purchase orders
    • Time entry
    • Employee or faculty onboarding

    If your staff needs it, OneCampus can take them to it. 

    OneCampus.Ohio State.

    Manage Information 

    Boost student, staff, and faculty engagement with resources that are dynamic and personalized for their unique needs.

    • Share or add information, tasks, or alerts
    • Manage sensitive information such as emergency contact details, immunization records, or citizenship status, with OneCampus' data verification 
    • Anticipate users' needs with AI, keyword insights, and search refinement within your campus portal
    • Monitor Google Analytics data and improve SEO, including out-of- platform search results 


    MacBook OneCampus Related Tasks

    Simplify the User-Experience 

    Establish targeted segments of users based on any criteria.
    Utilize these segments to present only the resources that a cohort needs. 

    • Organize access by group or role
    • Arrange sites, applications, and pages for easy access
    • Authenticated user access provides peace of mind and security for your campus 
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