Create Custom "Sites" and "Pages" in OneCampus

Create "Sites" and "Pages" in your portal to incorporate external resources
and make them search-enabled. 

Build a Portal Content Page
in a few Minutes

A simple way to publish information and resources across campus. OneCampus allows your team to publish new webpages with a simple WYSIWYG editor, user-friendly Markdown, or HTML.

  • Display content in your portal from external sites and campus websites
  • Group related "Pages" into "Sites" to simplify content management and user access
  • Associate "Pages" with "Roles" for precise targeting of resources
  • Redirect internal pages to external resources when needed 
  • Embed images, videos, GIFs, and more
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Distribute Publishing Capabilities
Across Campus

Authorized administrators in any department can publish "Pages," analyze service usage, deliver notifications to targeted audience segments, and maintain branding standards without oversight.

With OneCampus, we have a tool that allows offices to manage their content and information"

Nicole Hill

OneCampus Product Owner,
St. Edward's University

Deliver "Pages" with a Single Click

Unlike a standard webpage on the website that is buried beneath clicks and links, OneCampus’ "Sites" and "Pages" can be accessed with a single click. 

  • Administrators can organize popular sites, pages, and resources for any targeted audience segment
  • Users can favorite their most accessed pages and make them easily accessible at the top of their view
  • "Sites" and "Pages" return in searches from Google and Bing with built-in SEO capabilities
  • Staff can deliver a truly custom experience with custom URLs

Customize Based on Audience Segments

When users find exactly what they need before they start to look for it, that's sure to impress. With OneCampus, it's reality.


Give users a portal that is intuitive and customizable with features like:  

  • Targeted notifications, alerts, and banners
  • Curated "Sites" and "Pages" for specific audience segments
  • Predictive search informed by AI 

The interface is intuitive, particularly for students, and features like ‘favorites’ worked well for allowing users, particularly staff and faculty, to build, more or less, their own dashboard."

Nicole Hill

Product Owner,
St. Edward's University