Lifecycle Management For
Prospects, Students, Staff, and Alumni

Give your prospects, students, faculty, staff, and alumni
personalized access to your campus, from any device.

Personalized Portal Experience

Provide prospects, students, faculty, alumni, and staff with exactly what they need and nothing that they don't by using custom roles for each stage of the content lifecycle.

Target Your Marketing

Timely, personalized notifications can be pushed to individuals, a targeted segment, or the whole campus. Share resources and messages that matter most, to the populations that need them. 


Drive Results for Everyone

Sort your users by their role, major, activity, group affiliation, and more to ensure that they have access to the resources they need while reducing information overload. 


Mobile-Friendly Design for Success

Legacy campus portal systems are clunky and inefficient, which prohibits your audiences from finding new and important resources. Old designs and other portals work poorly on new mobile devices.


OneCampus was built from the ground up with mobile-device layouts and interfaces.

It mimics how users engage with technology - available when they need it and also how they use it. 

Mobile Device OneCampushome-1

Leverage Segmentation to
Optimize Lifecycle Management

OneCampus provides a central access point for all campus digital resources, which helps faculty and staff come together to positively impact students at every stage of their growth. 

  • Enable students to quickly and easily access grades, enroll in classes, and buy or sell their textbooks at the end of a semester
  • Help faculty and staff improve student engagement by delivering department-specific resources and notifications
  • Reach alumni and show off current fundraising initiatives and mentoring opportunities to benefit the campus community

Keep Authentication Simple

With OneCampus, "logging in" is optional because authentication is the final step. SSO makes it easy to log in and access other campus software from within the portal.

We don't store sensitive information, so users will only be prompted for credentials when authentication is required to access a specific resource or application—helping to improve accessibility by removing interface bloat.

Simple authentication improves user adoption as access to resources is easier than ever with OneCampus. 

students on mobile