Communications and Marketing

Empower each department to create and deliver personalized content to custom-defined audience segments (e.g., Financial Aid notifications can be posted directly by the Finance Department).  The result? More services, delivered faster, and less burden on IT to manage digital communications


  • Dynamic Personalized Content
  • Dynamic Personalized Content

    The content display is dynamic and based on a custom-defined role or roles so that resources are delivered relative to the lifecycle stage and event. 

    • Favorite displays and custom dashboards for authenticated users.
    • Unique URL to display curated content for non-authenticated users such as prospective students. 
    • Predictive displays of popular content based on similar users' behavior. 
    • Pop-up verification tasks to verify everything from citizenship, communication records, military status, and more. 
  • Notifications, Alerts, & Messages
  • Notifications, Alerts, and Messages

    OneCampus provides a centralized location for important, time-sensitive information. Timely, personalized notifications can be pushed to individuals, a target segment, or the whole campus. Send the messages that matter most, to the audiences who need them, on the device they prefer. 

    Mobile Device OneCampusALERT
  • Custom Audience Segmentation
  • Custom Audience Segmentation 

    Segment visitors based on custom criteria like preferred major, location, or extracurricular interests to send important updates about events, major requirements, and more to keep your campus up to date.

    • OneCampus passively delivers tasks and resources leveraging built-in tagging, and predictive AI which surfaces popular resources from similar audiences.
    • Authorized users can deliver messages, notifications, and alerts based on segments, or create custom websites and content for unique groups. 
    students on mobile
  • Branding + Design
  • Branding + Design

    While we call our product OneCampus, it’s designed to feature your school’s brand—logo, colors, style sheet, and even the system’s name (like The Ohio State University’s “Buckeye Link”).

    OneCampus.Ohio State.
  • Custom Sites
  • Custom Sites and Pages

    A simple way to publish information and resources across campus. OneCampus allows authorized users to publish new webpages with a simple  WYSIWYG editor, user-friendly Markdown, or HTML. Your website's header, footer and branding guidelines are protected, and your colleagues can publish searchable information without bottlenecking IT. 

    Simple Administration.Create Custom Pages.Image of Alumni Page
  • Custom URLs
  • Custom URLs

    Deliver customized content to custom groups of non-authenticated users by creating unlimited boutique URLs:

    • Enrollment
    • Recruitment
    • Research
    • Community Engagement
    • External Fundraising
    • Partnerships
  • SEO Benefits
  • Increase Your SEO Rankings

    Built-in SEO with automatic crafting and submission of SEO packages based on natural language descriptions helps resources return in the top row Google or Bing searches.

    Search Engines
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced Analytics

    Support data-driven analysis by capturing powerful user data, including what services are being used (and which aren’t), how often they’re looked for, when they’re being searched, and other statistics and patterns that inform IT teams and administrations. 

    • Google Analytics dashboard integrations
    • Embedded reports
    • User ratings and reviews
    • User behavior trail logs
    Analytics for Continuous Improvement.Expand Search Terms.Image of Search Terms in OneCampus
  • Scheduled Messages
  • Scheduled Messages

    In conjunction with the various campus calendars, you can schedule messages, alerts, and banners in advance for key events. Remind users of financial aid deadlines, early registration, freshman welcome, winter break, and graduation to last-minute updates.

    Mobile Device OneCampusSCHED MES
  • Automated Messages
  • Automated Messages and Notifications

    Schedule date based announcements, banners, and tasks for any segmented population for events big and small or send urgent alerts in just a few clicks:

    • Weather alerts
    • IT downtime
    • Upcoming sporting events
    • Graduation
    • Critical events or emergencies 
    • And more


    Scheduled Notifications

    Collaboration Through Distributed Power

    Other portal providers and apps place IT teams at the center of communication management. With OneCampus, authorized administrators in any department can publish pages, analyze service usage, deliver notifications to targeted audience segments, and maintain branding standards without oversight.

    With OneCampus, we have a tool that allows offices to manage their own content and information.

    Nicole Hill

    OneCampus Product Owner at St. Edward's University

    How Do Our Customers Impact Outcomes With Segmented Messages? 

    There are more ideas than there are campuses. Here are a few:

    • Improve enrollment by securely connecting with prospective students.
    • Decrease course cancellations by driving early enrollment with current student notifications and alerts.
    • Improve data collection across the campus by verifying military status, immunization status, mailing address, and more with authenticated tasks. 
    • Increase alumni engagement by connecting current students with mentors and career experiences. 
    • Drive alumni fundraising with targeted messaging and experiences to help fund growth, student aid programs, and other critical initiatives.