Student Lifecycle Management

Deliver dynamic, personalized content to custom-defined groups to support the entire student lifecycle and drive success for recruitment, campus life, and alumni.

Deliver Resources Before You Know They Need Them

Students' needs change dramatically month-to-month and year-to-year.
OneCampus helps you continuously deliver what they need without burdening your IT team with research, design, and project management. 


The intuitive, mobile-friendly experience with built-in key-word capabilities and advanced AI deliver resources to students the moment they are searching for information. 

Automate and Deliver.

Manage the day-to-day months in advance by scheduling banners, alerts, sites, or pages. Simplify common reoccurring events like registration, finals, commencement, and more. 

Analyze Student Interactions

Using OneCampus' built-in analytics solutions, backed by integrations with Google Analytics, you can track how users are accessing the system and update your strategy to drive traffic to desired resources.

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Manage Digital Learning Environments

Integrations with LMS and SIS solutions make OneCampus the epicenter of the higher ed experience. Provide students access to course content and give faculty the resources they need to be successful teaching (whether remotely or on-premise).

OneCampus can help reduce the elimination of low-enrollment courses through campaigns encouraging students for early enrollment. Access to enrollment resources in the palm of their hands (literally) puts students in control and allows them to act early.


Making Student Lifecycle Management Simple

Before adopting OneCampus in 2015, the University of Notre Dame had a student portal that failed to meet the needs of its users, primarily its students.

That changed when the university's leadership decided to adopt a new solution that is both intuitive and mobile-friendly. With OneCampus, Notre Dame students, faculty, and staff now have easy access to the resources they need.

OneCampus has been easy for us to manage and maintain. Students, faculty, and staff are always able to access what they need."

Scott Kirner

Manager of Application Services, University of Notre Dame