Analytics for Continuous Improvement

OneCampus captures user and usage data and provides reports to enable effective management and improvement.

Access Data Your Campus Needs to Succeed

OneCampus' data analytics tools make it easy to act on user and usage data.

Unlock User Data and Analytics

Use data from OneCampus, including popular search terms, frequency of traffic to campus services, how often users search for specific resources (and when), and other useful statistics to improve navigation and the end-user experience for any, and every, cohort.

Leverage Community Feedback

Collect user reviews in your portal on Sites, Pages, and Tasks. Users rank (from 1-5 stars) what is helpful and what needs a little refinement (text can be added to reviews too). Implement feedback to enhance the portal experience for all.


Monitor User Habits

Analyze the habits that lead to success on your campus and obtain insight into your portal and user behavior with reports and analytics available for: 

  • Search terms
  • User activity
  • Commonly accessed resources
  • User reports
  • And more 
Analytics for Continuous Improvement.Monitor User Habits.Image of Audit Trail in OneCampus

Expand Search Terms, Expand Your Reach

Does transportation on campus have a nickname?

Do students refer to libraries by shortened names or acronyms? 


Eliminate the confusion of misspellings and include familiar campus-specific terms for commonly searched resources to increase access for your users. 

Features Overview.Analytics.Data-Informed Improvements.Image of REports-Search Terms

Add the Power of Google to Your Data

Google Analytics integrations give you access to the power of Google while built-in SEO capabilities allow your tasks, resources, and information to turn up in Google search results. 

Google Analytics Icon - JD-1

Combining Analytics and Support

When Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) went looking for a new campus portal solution, they needed something that would allow them to:

  • Pull data from multiple sources
  • Share that data with users as needed
  • Adapt to new changes as they came

By combining frequent updates with top-notch customer service, OneCampus is more than able to meet NICC's needs for a portal solution that ties their data together. 

The implementation of OneCampus itself was very simple and intuitive... The quick responses, personability and status updates on issues and new feature releases have been much appreciated."

Craig Meirick

Director of Computer Information Systems at Northeast Iowa Community College