Webinar: "Service Discovery vs Portal vs ERP solutions - What's Happening in the Modern Portal Marketplace"

Portals have transformed how students, faculty, and staff interact with each other and access resources. Whether it’s a new student enrolling in school or a current student being supported, a portal is the mechanism for linking them to content, applications and services. 

In this pre-recorded webinar  OneCampus webinar, attendees will learn from a former CIO about: 

  • Various popular portal types on the market today 
  • Differentiators from different/traditional portals  
  • What's next with the future of portals 
  • Focusing on the user experience to allow users to help themselves

About the presenter:  

Dr. Todd Yates has engaged in higher education for over 26 years in technical management. As the Vice President Enterprise Architecture for TransACT Communications, Dr. Yates is responsible for cross-division enterprise architecture planning, design, and delivery. Before TransACT, he served as Executive Director of Technology for St. Mary's University and the CIO of the WILM Technical College PeopleSoft Consortium and ERP and data center, serving three colleges. Additionally, Dr. Yates was involved in implementing and delivering software including Kuali, Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, and others at multiple educational institutions worldwide.

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