Setting Students Up for Success

Leveraging technology and student communities to make campus resources available in a simple: Search, Click, Done.  

When college students search for information and resources on campus such as transportation, housing, and tutoring, they expect to search a keyword and receive the appropriate content.

When that doesn’t happen, students and campus stakeholders disengage from campus, meaning less exposure to campus apps and adoption of services and resources overall. Indiana University has created a centralized community by combining the tools and resources students and staff frequent, all in one convenient location.

This recorded webinar with IU’s Ryan Vallow and TransACT’s Todd Yates, Ph.D. focused on:

  • Why a collaborative approach will positively affect student learning
  • Help students navigate campus resources without overburdening your help desk staff
  • Analyze student interactions and use the data to tailor your campus portal
  • How OneCampus works with the Enterprise Services team to provide a modern, customizable portal


This webinar was recorded on November 11, 2021.

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Ryan Vallow

Todd Yates, PH.D. 

Mr. Ryan Vallow is the Lead Business Analyst for Indiana University where he works with the enterprise integration team. Additionally, his duties include overseeing One.IU (service discovery platform) and is the liaison between key stakeholders and Indiana University's development team. Mr. Vallow has spent most of his career working in technology and uses his strong technical background to find innovative and strategic methods to increase efficiencies meet institutional goals.

Dr. Todd Yates has engaged in higher education for over 26 years in technical management. As the Vice President of Enterprise Services for TransACT Communications, Dr. Yates is responsible for cross-division enterprise architecture planning, design, and delivery. Before TransACT, he served as Executive Director of Technology for St. Mary's University and the CIO of the WILM Technical College PeopleSoft Consortium and ERP and data center, serving three colleges. Additionally, Dr. Yates was involved in implementing and delivering software including Kuali, Banner, Colleague, PeopleSoft, Blackboard, Moodle, Sakai, and others at multiple educational institutions worldwide. 


Create an engaging online experience using dynamic content for each user to access.

OneCampus is a cloud-based, search-first portal that connects students, families, and staff with relevant content, resources, applications, services, alerts, and notifications on any device.