Strategies to Meet Increased Demand for Overburdened Technical Resources

Dr. Todd Yates will elaborate on strategies to help the campus IT team when students become frustrated with finding resources on campus. He will examine the benefits of cloud-based solutions, including ways for students to navigate campus resources, reduce the workload on the IT department and increase staff productivity.

In a live webinar "Strategies to Meet Increased Demand for Overburdened Technical Resources," Dr. Yates will focus on three primary areas: 

  • Choosing low impact, off the shelf SaaS services to minimize implementation pressure and time costs 
  • Moving from campus-based services to remote solutions that serve the institution
  • Aligning projects on common AP, datasets, and integration automation to save development resources

rSmart is proud to host Dr. Todd Yates for a live webinar, “Strategies to Meet Increased Demand for Overburdened Technical Resources," on June 2, 2021, at 10:00 am PT / 11:00 am MT/ 12:00 pm CT/ 1:00 pm ET. 

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